Fighting Cancer Below The Belt

We founded Below the Belt in 2010 in honor of our dear loved ones, Stella and Mary Jane, who have courageously fought gynecologic cancer. Our mission is to defeat gynecologic cancer by supporting scientific research, compassionate clinicians, and the families that deal with this disease for the rest of their lives.  We raise funds and awareness to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a group of cancers that affect 80,000 new women each year. 


Research is the only way we will cure cancer.  Physician-scientists are most potent weapon in this long-term battle.  To this end, we also promote the education of medical students to become compassionate clinicians and talented scientists by sponsoring the Burns-Waugh Research Fellowship at the University of North Carolina Medical School.

There is a dedicated, talented, and driven group of health care professionals and researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill who have devoted their lives to defeat gynecologic cacner. By supporting this accomplished research team, we are confident we can help win this fight. 


                                     Eli and Erin Tate

Our Impact

"With the support of Below the Belt, we have opened two new clinical trials of targeted therapies for endometrial cancer and its precursors. We have been able to explore how diet effects endometrial and ovarian cancer development and its treatment success. I am very grateful for the support of Below the Belt and I hope that we can do even more in 2016! Above all, I am excited that Below the Belt is continuing to increase awareness of gynecologic cancer and honor the women who bravely face this disease every day."

                                    Dr. Vickie Bae-Jump, MD, PhD


The Burns-Waugh Research Fellowship

From our first Fellow, Monica Schointuch:

"I have learned so much more than I expected when starting in the lab. I have gained a mentorship that many students dream of. I have heard and seen firsthand how admirable Dr. Bae-Jump is. I hope to one day have similar relationships with my patients. Everyone in the lab and GYN Oncology department have been so welcoming and supportive. This amazing experience will be one I never forget and I will be forever grateful for. I can’t thank you enough for this unique and special opportunity. I am excited for what the future holds.

Thank you so much for this rewarding experience!"

Monica Schointuch

Our Goals

Below the Belt is running in the Tar Heel 10 miler on April 23rd, 2016 in Chapel Hill, N.C. to raise funds  that will go directly to front lines of gynecologic cancer research.