How We're Fighting

Your donation will go directly to the ground-breaking research conducted at the University of North Carolina by Dr. Vickie-Bae Jump, MD, PhD as she seeks to further her breakthroughs in the diagnosis, prevention, and cure of gynecologic cancers.


Dr. Bae-Jump:

"With the support of Below the Belt, we have opened two new clinical trials of targeted therapies for endometrial cancer and its precursors. We have been able to explore how diet effects endometrial and ovarian cancer development and its treatment success. I am very grateful for the support of Below the Belt and I hope that we can do even more in 2016! Above all, I am excited that Below the Belt is continuing to increase awareness of gynecologic cancer and honor the women who bravely face this disease every day."

Read more about Dr. Bae-Jump below.


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How Your Donation will Deliver a Knock-Out Punch!


$25 -  Provides a 4-week supply of metformin—a drug that, we hope, will serve the dual purpose of lowering endometrial cancer risk and inhibiting endometrial cancer cells thereby reducing cancer deaths.  

$50 – Covers the cost of laboratory blood work to test a woman’s response to the drug treatment therapy.

$75 -  Will pay for the parking and travel costs for one woman to participate in the endometrial cancer clinical trial.

$150 – Allows doctors to analyze a tumor from one endometrial or ovarian cancer patient and look for new ways to identify women at increased risk for these diseases.

$300 -  Tests an endometrial or ovarian cancer patient’s response to the drug therapy through molecular analysis.

$500 – Offers endometrial or ovarian cancer patients the support, equipment, and counseling for a healthy lifestyle intervention to help with weight loss—a key component to reducing cancer deaths.

$1000 – Would allow doctors to study the difference in tumors in obese and lean women through gene expression profiling.  The differences found between these tumors would allow physicians to design individualized care for these two patient populations.


$3000 -- Support the Burns-Waugh Research Fellowship which sponsors a medical student to conduct research in UNC's Department of Gynecologic Oncology and encourages the next generation of physician-scientists. 


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Make checks out to: Lineberger Cancer Center


Send to:


UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Attn: Kelly Mansfield

Campus Box 7295

Chapel Hill, NC 27599


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About Dr. Vickie Bae-Jump
Read about the groundbreaking research of Dr. Vickie Bae-Jump.
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